Sensor Mobility has built a GSM platform that is optimized for the cardiac care market within an affordable package. Sensor Mobility's platform is unique as it combines integrated cellular connectivity with an engine designed to sample cardiac signals at incredibly high rates. Sensor Mobility focuses on delivering devices for existing medical markets, where we revolutionize the device and platform but benefit from existing business models.

The first implementation of Sensor Mobility's platform is in the cardiac monitoring market through a wearable device that utilizes dry electrodes. The device is optimized to enable a patient to wear the solution either under or over their shirt. Therefore, this solution is perfect for the preventative care, remote monitoring, and consumer wearable markets.

Currently, Sensor Mobility is working on its second cardiac solution in the area of Heart Rate Variability. As in the case with cardiac monitoring, this solution will utilize a wearable HRV device that utilizes dry electrodes. The focus of the HRV solution is in the early detection of heart attacks, long QT waves, and sudden cardiac death.

Technology Overview