Sensor Mobility's team has already developed customer relationships and strategic partnerships to take the solutions to market. Our development, technology, innovation, results and marketing expertise have been the key ingredients in establishing relationships with organizations such as Cardiocomm, Canadian Cardiac Centre, and Rockyview General Hospital. Below are additional details on the organizations we are speaking with and our potential relationship with them.

Cardiocomm Solutions

Cardiocomm Solutions, a leading, publicly traded ECG software company (TSX:EKG) is a strategic partner that will also be a distribution channel for Sensor Mobility. Cardiocomm's software will be integrated with Sensor Mobility's device to provide a complete solution to the market.

Cardiocomm's experience in FDA will be leveraged to expedite and assist in the FDA process. In 2012 Cardicomm received FDA approval and all medical clearances within 3 months of submission, the process of which will be followed by Sensor Mobility.

Canadian Cardiac Centre

Canadian Cardiac Centre is the largest cardiac center in Canada with over 30,000 patients. Their mission revolves around prevention and cardiovascular risk management for its patients. Canadian Cardiac Centre conducts a range of testing and diagnostic screenings using wireless heart monitors, stress echos, 24 hour blood pressure monitors and ankle brachial index testing.

Canadian Cardiac Centre is interested in developing a business partnership with Sensor Mobility and are looking to conduct studies related to cardiovascular disease using our solution.

Rockyview General Hospital

Rockyview General Hospital is a potential customer who is interested in collaborating and publishing a study on early detection and response time of cardiac related events. We are working with the department of perioperative medicine at Rockyview.