About Us

Sensor Mobility is a wholly owned subsidiary of iMedical Innovations Inc.

Sensor Mobility is a cutting-edge North American technology company focused on R&D within the remote monitoring segment of preventative care. Sensor Mobility's core expertise is in the continuous measurement and transmission of signals through sensors and GSM technologies. Sensor Mobility keeps a tight focus on building solutions that tie into the doctor-patient process while being incredibly cost effective. To this purpose, Sensor Mobility has already developed a cutting edge global remote monitoring platform that is optimized for collecting an individual's ECG within an affordable package.

To date, this platform has been utilized in Sensor Mobility's initial product, a wearable ECG strap designed for the cardiac monitoring market. Sensor Mobility has partnered with a leading ECG software company to integrate ECG software with its hardware platform in order to deliver a holistic ECG monitoring solution to the market. This integrated solution is expected to be in the market within 6 months.

Since inception, Sensor Mobility has and continues to work with many top hospitals, medical professionals, clinics, manufacturers and health care organizations. This has enabled Sensor Mobility to develop solutions that are technologically superior, cost effective and can be easily integrated into existing hospital systems and insurance billing practices.